How to Appeal Nsfas

How to Appeal Nsfas

Are you being rejected by Nsfas? The reason might be the following: Income greater than R350k or 600k, Academic ineligibility as a result of the N+ rule exceeded, or Returning Student: Audit Investigation. we are here to help on How to Appeal Nsfas

A student who wanna Appeal will also need to complete one of the following forms.

  • Appealing N+1 PDF
  • Fail to meet Academic Eligibility PDF
  • N+2 Student with Disability PDF
  • registered for 50% or less (final year course credits to complete 1 PDF

NB: Once you are on Appeal Page you can able to see the appeal reason and one of the documents we have mentioned above you will able to download and fill them.

How to Submit Nsfas Appeal

  • Go to myNSFAS to Log in
  • Log into your myNSFAS account.
  • Click the Track Funding Progress option.
  • Check the application progress tab.
  • If your application status reflects an unsuccessful message, you may submit an appeal by clicking on the ‘Submit Appeal Tab’.
  • Once you are on the ‘Application Appeal’ page, you can see the reason for your unsuccessful application status.
  • You can then able to choose the appeal reason.
  • Upload certified supporting documents to support your reason.
  • Click ‘Submit Appeal’.

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